Unique Solutions was founded in 1983 with the intent of providing our customers with a portal into the arts. Beth Katz, our President has been the foundation of this quest. Our customers are our first priority. Classes are available on a frequent basis. Check out our schedule for upcoming classes.


Our approach is innovative products that will help Jewelers and Metalsmiths do a better or faster job with their craft. If a void is felt, we come in and try to fill the void, putting the ideas of the Metalsmiths to work on product development. Unique Solutions is a creative arm to the Metalsmithing community.


Our approach with the paste solder is to find a way to make it easier and faster for the Metalsmith to get their goals accomplished. The quest began when we needed a way to do closed forms and not have them implode upon soldering. We researched and found that if we used a super soft solder, this technique would work. We also found that this can only be done one time only or the form will explode and send hot metal flying. So, we began experimenting. If we used sheet solder and cut it into pallions, then fluxed, placed them on the spot to be soldered, it took a long time and the chances of loosing some of the solder as we heated was great. We tried paste solder and that was wonderful. BUT. If left uncovered, even for a short time, the paste dried up. To solve this problem, after much testing, an organic clean burning flux was settled upon. The flux that is being utilized in our solder is one that will not dry out, keeps its viability and is cadmium free. We have been testing a batch for 3 years. It sits in a small jar in the studio. Every now and then, it is brought out and used. After all this time, it is still as soft as the day it was tried for the first time. Other paste solders dry once you start to use them. After they are dry, they are not the same product. Drying causes many problems such as not being able to be placed exactly where you want, not being able to be pushed out of the syringe and much more.

When recently attending an enameling workshop, we found that there was a need for a Eutectic formula to be commercially available for the enamellist. The Eutectic product was developed in a flash so that it could be brought to market quickly. This formula saves lots of time for the craftman and makes an easy job out of that was formally a difficult task. The Metalsmith is able to have the Eutectic soldering formula available to them in paste and powder form. Before making this available, the metalsmith had to manufacture their own powder by first making the formula then grinding it off with a file. The availability of the Eutectic in the powder and paste saves many hours for the meatsmith. It streamlines a big job to go easier and faster, while still enhancing the products produced.